Monday, November 26, 2007

Famous Native Americans

Bet you did not know they were Native Americans.

Gavin McLeod - Love Boat star.
George Bush - former US president.
George W. Bush - US president.
Hillary Rodham Clinton - former US first lady.
Macaulay Culkin - actor.
David Carradine - actor.
Johnny Depp - actor.
Tom Hanks - actor.
Val Kilmer - actor.
Julia Roberts - actress.
Angelina Jolie - actress.
Kim Basinger - actress.
Heather Locklear - actress.
Tori Amos - singer-songwriter.
Pearl Bailey - singer.
Michael Jackson - singer.
Elvis Presley - singer and actor.
Johnny Cash - singer.
Willie Nelson - singer.
Dolly Parton - singer and actress.
Britney Spears - singer and actress.
Christina Aguilera - singer-songwriter.
Stephanie Kramer - actress.
Halle Berry - actress.
Mariah Carey - singer.
Rita Coolidge - singer.
Aaliyah Haughton - singer and actress.
James Earl Jones - actor.
Eartha Kitt - actress.
Coretta Scott King - wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
Edith Galt - second wife of US president Woodrow Wilson
(descendant of legendary princess Pocahontas).
Nancy Reagan - wife of US president Ronald Reagan
(descendant of legendary princess Pocahontas).
Diana Ross - singer and actress.
Tiffany Darwish - singer.
Tina Turner - singer and actress.
Carrie Underwood - singer.
Anthony Kiedis - singer from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Jimi Hendrix - singer-songwriter.
Billie Joe Armstrong - singer-songwriter from Green Day.
Mike Dirnt - musician from Green Day.
Michael Stipe - singer-songwriter from REM.
Cherilyn Sarkissian - singer and actress.
Brian Austin Green - actor.
Belinda Carlisle - singer-songwriter.
Edwina Ashley - wife of British colonial governor of India Lord Louis Mountbatten
(descendant of legendary princess Pocahontas).