Sunday, September 7, 2008

Words Of Wisdom From Tun Hussein Onn And Tun Abdul Razak Hussein - A Merdeka Special

"We have a society in which people of various racial origins have been brought up to be tolerant and understanding. We are a nation of people with conscience.

"The Indians can be very magnanimous, so can the Borneo Natives, the Malays and the Chinese. The great diversity is a blessing, not a handicap.

"It is a challenge and a blessing because no one race can dominate the others. I would hate to see the day when any one race dominates the others.'' - Tun Hussein Onn (1922-1990), third Prime Minister (1976-1981) and Father of National Unity.

"Prosperity is not for any particular group or community. That prosperity must be widely shared and must be spread throughout the nation.

"This prosperity is for all. On our ability to achieve this objective rests the survival of our nation and the peace and happiness of our people.'' - Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (1922-1976), second Prime Minister (1970-1976) and Father of Development.