Saturday, October 18, 2008

Suzanna Van Osch - Indonesia’s Queen Of Horror Films

Suzanna Van Osch, who died after a long illness on October 15, 2008, will always be celebrated as Indonesia’s Queen of Horror Films.

Born in Bogor, Java on October 14, 1942 and of Dutch-Sundanese-Makasarese ancestry, she was best known for starring in the horror films Bernafas Dalam Lumpur [Breathing in Mud] (1970), Beranak Dalam Kubur [Birth in the Tomb] (1971) and Ratu Ilmu Hitam [Black Magic Woman] (1981) as well as the romantic Pulau Cinta [Island of Love] (1978) and the Javanese legend Sangkuriang (1982).

Her acting career actually began in the 1950s and in 1960, she won Best Child Actress in the Asia Film Festival for the film Asrama Dara [Girls’ Hostel]. In 1972, she won Most Popular Actress in the Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

Her most recent acting appearances were in Indonesian telemovies.

Suzanna is survived by a daughter, actress Kiki Maria. She was twice married, to actors Dicky Suprapto and later Clift Sangra [Dicky is the father of Kiki].