Saturday, December 5, 2009

Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor Wins TV3 Yasmin Ahmad Award

The first Malaysian Idol in 2004 Jaclyn Victor has won the TV3 Yasmin Ahmad Award in memory of the late, great film-maker, Mother of Malaysian Independent Films and Mother of National Unity Yasmin Ahmad who passed away at the age of 51 after a brief illness last July 25.

Jaclyn, one of Malaysia's most popular and respected singers emerging from reality television, also won Most Promising Actress in the Malaysian Film Festival 2009 early this year.

She won both her awards for her role in Yasmin's last film Talentime screened early this year.

Yasmin convinced Jaclyn that she could act. Jaclyn is eternally grateful to Yasmin for believing in her, and describes the late film-maker as the second most important person to change her life after her mother Margaret Victor, who struggled with several jobs during Jaclyn's childhood, having been widowed when Jaclyn was only 9.

Jaclyn has four younger brothers. Her late father Joshua T. Victor passed away when she was 9.