Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sabah’s 20 Point Agreement

1. No state religion in Sabah. Changed by third Chief Minister Tun Datu Mustapha Harun in 1973.
2. English is second official language of Sabah. Still is.
3. The Malaysian Constitution should not be the same as the Malayan Constitution. It is not.
4. The Sabah Governor should not be eligible for Kingship. He is not.
5. The federation is called Malaysia. It is.
6. Immigration is controlled by Sabah. It is.
7. Sabah has no right to leave Malaysia. It does not.
8. There should be Sabahan-isation of the civil service in Sabah. There has been.
9. British officers should remain in the civil service until such time that Malaysians can take over their duties. They did.
10. Sabahans born in Sabah after Malaysia’s formation should automatically be Malaysian citizens. They are.
11. Sabah should retain control over its finance. It does.
12. Indigenous Sabahans should enjoy the same special rights as Malays in Peninsular Malaysia. They do.
13. Sabah Chief Minister should be elected by the State Legislative Assembly. He is.
14. Sabah should have a proper Ministerial system and State Legislative Assembly. It has.
15. Sabah should have its own education system. Abrogated by third Chief Minister Tun Datu Mustapha Harun in 1973.
16. Kuala Lumpur cannot withdraw special safeguards granted to Sabah without the approval of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly. It cannot.
17. Sabah’s representation in the Federal Parliament should be larger than any Peninsular Malaysian state. It is.
18. Sabah’s Governor is titled Yang Dipertua Negeri. He is.
19. Sabah’s official name is just Sabah. It is.
20. Land and Local Government should be fully governed by Sabah laws. They are.