Friday, June 8, 2012

Tye Soh Sim - Teacher Extraordinary

THE late Tye Soh Sim, who happens to be my aunt, was one of Ipoh's most noted educationists.

A woman of substance and strong character, she always believed that education was not merely about exams, but being well-rounded in life.

Unpretentious with restrained good taste, she was passionate about English literature, history, music and knowledge in general.

She was also a stickler for Malaysians mastering English, the language of international knowledge.

She taught in Anglo Chinese School, Ipoh after graduating in 1958 from University Malaya with a BA (Hons) and Diploma in Education.

She was later awarded a Colombo Plan Scholarship to the University of British Columbia, Canada, for an additional degree in Education.

She retired as headmistress of Methodist Girls’ School, Kuala Lumpur.

Tye Soh Sim touched the lives of many people. Her students, fellow teachers, friends and family will always remember her.

This is a summary of a tribute to Tye Soh Sim in the ACS Ipoh Alumni Association website written by Romesh Roy, son of former ACS Ipoh principal Teerath Ram.

He is also the godfather of her children Leonard and Clarice Chin, who are my cousins.