Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sabrina Yeap - Mother Teresa Of The Animals

Animal rights activist and friend of the stray dogs and cats Sabrina Yeap passed away today after a long illness.

She will always be remembered as the Mother Teresa Of The Animals.

Yeap was formerly in SPCA Malaysia before founding the Furry Friends Farm, a shelter for strays.

Three years ago she famously rescued stray dogs from Pulau Selat Kering in Klang.

One of the intelligent stray dogs, Hitam, became her special assistant in the mission.

Yeap famously said: “I can’t believe there is a heaven without dogs / pets.”

“Dogs / pets do more for people than people do for one another.”

“They don’t ask for anything in return. They are not part of today's great 'I want'.”

Hitam, the heroic black dog which helped her and became the most respected dog in Malaysia, passed on the same year.

RIP Sabrina. You are truly a saint.

Hitam and Noah are waiting.