Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Origin Of Countries’ Names.

Afghanistan - Land Of Horsemen in Hindi.
Albania - Land Of Mountains in Iranian.
Algeria - The Island in Arabic.
United States of America - Land Across The Sea in Welsh.
Andorra - Forested Country in Arabic.
Angola - Land Of The King in Ngola (Congo).
Antigua And Barbuda - Ancient Land (Antigua) in Spanish and Land Of Fig Trees (Barbuda) in Spanish.
Argentina - Silver Country in Spanish.
Armenia - Land Of Aryans in Iranian.
Australia - Southern Land in Italian.
Austria - Eastern Land in German.
Azerbaijan - Land Of Fire in Iranian.
Bahamas - Shallow Sea Land in Spanish.
Bahrain - Land Of Two Seas in Arabic.
Bangladesh - Land Of Tin in Bengali.
Barbados - Land Of Figs in Spanish.
Belarus - White Russia in Belarussian.
Belgium - Ancestral Land in Welsh.
Belize - Land Of Muddy Waters in Mayan.
Benin - Land Of The Edo People in Edo (Congo).
Bhutan - Land Of Tibetans in Bhutanese.
Bosnia Herzegovina - Land Of The Great River in Yugoslavian.
Brazil - Land Of Redwood in Portuguese.
Britain - Land Of Painted People in Welsh.
Brunei - Land Of Sea People in Hindi.
Bulgaria - Land Of Castles in Bulgarian.
Burkina Faso - Land Of Upright People In Mossi (Congo).
Burma - Land Of The Mighty in Burmese.
Burundi - Land Of The Kirundi People in Kirundi (Congo).
Cambodia - Land Of The Mountain People in Hindi.
Cameroon - Land Of The Shrimp River in Portuguese.
Canada - Homeland in Iroquoian (Cherokee).
Cape Verde - Green Cape in Portuguese.
Chad - Land Of The Lake in Bornu (Congo).
Chile - Land’s End in Quechua.
China - Eastern Land in Hindi.
Comoros - Islands Of The Moon in Arabic.
Congo - Land Of Hunters in Bakongo (Congo).
Croatia - Land Of Shepherds in Iranian.
Cuba - Central Land in Carib.
Cyprus - Copper Island in Greek.
Czech Republic - Land Of Warriors in Czech.
Denmark - Flat Land in Danish.
Djibouti - Land Of Palm Doormats in Afar (Ethiopian).
Dominica - Sunday Island in Spanish.
Egypt - City Beyond The Sea in Greek.
El Salvador - Land Of The Saviour in Spanish.
Eritrea - Land Of The Red Sea in Greek.
Estonia - Eastern Land in German.
Ethiopia - Land Of The Black in Greek.
Finland - Land Of The White in Swedish.
France - Land Of The Free in German.
Gabon - Land Of The Large Estuary in Portuguese.
Gambia - Land Of Commerce in Portuguese.
Georgia - Mountainous Land in Iranian.
Germany - Neighbouring Country in Welsh.
Ghana - Land Of The Black in Akan (Congo).
Greece - Land Of Light in Italian.
Guatemala - Land Of Many Trees in Mayan.
Guinea - Land Of The Black in Berber.
Guyana - Land Of Many Rivers in Arawak.
Haiti - Mountainous Land in Arawak.
Honduras - Land With Deep Waters in Spanish.
Hungary - Land Of Ten Tribes in Magyar.
India - Land Of Rivers in Iranian.
Iran - Land Of The Aryans in Iranian.
Iraq - Land Between Rivers in Arabic.
Ireland - Land Of The Aryans in Irish.
Italy - Land Of The Ox in Greek.
Jamaica - Land Of Water And Wood in Arawak.
Jordan - The Valley in Arabic.
Kazakhstan - Land Of The Free in Kazakh.
Kenya - Land Of The White Mountain in Kikuyu (Congo).
Kuwait - Fortress By The Water in Arabic.
Kyrgyzstan - Land Of 40 Tribes in Kyrgyz.
Latvia - Borderland in Latvian.
Lebanon - Land Of Snow in Arabic.
Lesotho - Land Of The Black in Sotho (Congo).
Liechtenstein - Land Of Small Stones in German.
Lithuania - Land By The Sea in Lithuanian.
Luxembourg - Little Castle in German.
Macedonia - Land Of The Mighty in Greek.
Madagascar - The End Of The Earth in Merina.
Malawi - Land Of The Flaming Lake in Malawian (Congo).
Malaysia - Mountainous Land in Malaysian (Malay).
Maldives - Garland Islands in Hindi.
Mali - Hippopotamus Land in Malinke (Congo).
Malta - Sanctuary in Arabic.
Mexico - Sunny Land in Nahuatl (Aztec).
Moldova - Muddy Country in German.
Monaco - Homeland in Greek.
Mongolia - Land Of The Brave in Mongolian.
Namibia - Desert Land in Khoisan.
Nauru - Land Of Beaches in Nauruan.
Nepal - The Foot Of The Mountains in Nepali.
Oman - Settlement in Arabic.
Pakistan - Land Of The Pure in Urdu.
Panama - Land Of Fish in Cueva (Mayan).
Paraguay - River Covered By Trees in Guarani.
Peru - Land Of Rivers in Quechua.
Poland - Flat Land in Polish.
Portugal - Welsh Port in Portuguese.
Rwanda - Mountainous Country in Rwandan (Congo).
Singapore - Lion City in Malaysian.
Somalia - Land Of The Black in Somali.
Spain - Hyrax Country in Arabic.
Sri Lanka - Splendid Island in Hindi.
Taiwan - Multi-Level Bay in Paiwan (Bajau).
Tanzania - Land Of Lakes And Blacks in Swahili.
Togo - Coastal Country in Ewe (Congo).
Tonga - Southern Islands in Tongan.
Tunisia - Cape Country in Arabic.
Ukraine - Borderland in Ukrainian.
Uruguay - Land Of The Shellfish River in Guarani.
Uzbekistan - Land Of The Free in Uzbek.
Vatican City - City Of Priests in Italian.
Yemen - Southern Land in Arabic.
Zimbabwe - Stone House in Shona (Congo).