Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Many of the things we have in life were invented by African Americans.

The lift was invented by Alexander Mills, the automatic gearshift by Richard Spikes.

We must thank Joseph Gambol for the super charge system of engines, and Garrett Morgan for traffic signals.

The rapid transit system was created by Albert Robinson, while Charles Brooks invented the street sweeper.

The pencil sharpener is the creation of John Love while the fountain pen and hand stamp are William Purveys’ inventions.

Lee Barrage created the typewriter and W. A. Love the advanced printing press.

Other Black inventors were William Barry (postmarking and canceling machine), Philip Downing (letter drop), Joe Smith (lawn sprinkler), John Burr (lawn mower), Fred Jones (air conditioner), Lewis Later (electric lamp), Granville Woods (automatic cut-off switch), Tom Steward (mop), Lloyd Ray (dust pan), Jan Matzelinger (shoe lasting machine), Walt Sammons (comb), Sarah Boone (ironing board), George Samon (clothes dryer), and John Standard (refrigerator).