Monday, November 3, 2008

Return Of The Oldest Malay Hero

A nation of plenty
Blessed but unmindful
Of God’s bounty
Awaits his return

He, the Oldest Malay Hero
Who conquers the enemies
Within and without
Who slays demonic monsters
With the power of his magic
The swish of his kris
And the strength of his faith

The Oldest Malay Hero
Does not show off
He meditates
Atop the Titiwangsa Range
Where his ancestors once dwelled

He drinks the pure water
Of the mighty Selangor River
Near its source
In Kuala Kubu Baru

To him, earth and life are sacred
All life is interconnected
And good and bad, is all because
Of living a life of imbalance
Of straying from the Middle Path
Of upsetting a man’ true self

The Oldest Malay Hero
Is a man who reveres life
In its every form
For life sustains life
And every creature that walks or flies
Shares the same spirit
Of the Creator Spirit, the One

For ages, since his grand-child
The mad king Mahmud
Turned his world upside down
And cursed his brothers
That they vomit blood and be him

The Hero has been lost
Mahmud’s laws conquered the land
And his sadism permeated the hills

But all this will change soon
For Mahmud is dying, slowly but surely
His time is up, and the world is rejecting his curse

Once he goes, the Hero returns
And the Real Malay Man
Will make himself known