Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About Sibu

From Wikipedia & Malaysiana1.

Sibu is the third largest town in Sarawak after Kuching and Miri. It is the capital of the Sibu Division and is at the confluence of the Rejang and Igan Rivers.

Sibu’s population is mostly Chinese (Eastern or Fuzhou Hokkiens), Melanau, Bruneian (Kedayan) and Iban.

The town boasts the largest town square in Malaysia and Sarawak’s tallest building (the Sanyan Tower).

Sibu is the main tourist gateway to the upper reaches of the Rejang River.

Sibu was originally settled by Melanaus. During the time of the Brunei Empire, the Sultan of Brunei invited many Chinese into the town. Most of them were Fuzhou Hokkiens.

Sibu’s major hotels are the RH and Kingwood Hotels.

Its major tourist attractions include the Tua Pek Kong Buddhist Temple (seven-storey pagoda), the Central Market (Malaysia’s biggest indoor market) and the Civic Centre Museum.

The Merah River (Red River) Heritage Walk is a landscaped park situated in the suburb of Sungai Merah (Sungai = River). The first Fuzhou settlers arrived here.

Sibu’s major green areas include Bukit Aup Jubilee Park 20 km away from the town centre. It is popular for picnics, jogging and recreation.

There is also the Bukit Lima Forest Park with a 2 km plank walk.

Sibu’s famous cuisine includes the Kam Buan noodles, Wanton (ravioli), Kam Biang (Fuzhou bagel), Yau Char Kwai (savoury Chinese fritters) and Eight Essence Soup (made from eight different Chinese herbs).

Sibu’s sister city is Fuzhou in China.