Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Disneyland To Gotham City

I no longer wanna be that kid who chases rainbows
I wanna be the anti-hero who hangs out in the night
I no longer wanna live in the glitz of Disneyland
Unless I get to ride on Jack Sparrow’s ship
For my home is Bruce Wayne’s Gotham City

Luke Skywalker ain’t my man
I fell in love with his daddy Annakin earlier
I wouldn’t call Zac Efron
Gary Barlow or Ronan Keating sexy
For my ideal man’s like Grissom
Mulder, Denzel and Depp

My superheroes Hulk and Wolverine rule OK
My 1980s anthem With Or Without You
My secret agent Jason Bourne
My past life a Eurasian punk
Rocker from Manchester or Liverpool

The goody-two-shoes boy John Walton
Sucks big, big time
He’s poison, gimme more Snake Plissken
John Connor, Hancock, Morpheus
And Kwai Chiang Caine instead

No more Jackson Five, for U2
Coldplay and Muse are my soul
Don’t get me no Christmas trees
I just want a black flag
Blue or green bag
And all black shoes and pants

For I’m half black
From now till eternity
I’m a man of Gotham City
Singing to the moon, stars
Rain and clouds
Is always merry